What They Don’t Want You To Know About Cupcakes

I love sharing little-known secrets with people – especially kids. Just the other day I was at a birthday party for my friend’s son. Cupcakes were served and I explained that eating a cupcake is difficult. That the frosting to cake ratio is all wrong. You bite into the cupcake and either get a mouth full of frosting or a mouth full of dry cake.

He completely agreed.

I then explained to the little tyke that I had a solution to this problem that has plagued humans since the invention of cupcakes and asked if he would like to learn it. His little head was shaking like a maple leaf on a tree in Toronto.

I took a little plastic knife and cut the cupcake in half. Then the bottom was placed on top, putting the frosting smack dab in the middle of the cupcake. I showed him how you now get a perfect cake to frosting ratio. He was immensely impressed and asked why no one had ever shown him that. I informed him that there are dark forces in this world that try to keep good information away from us. He gave me a confused look for a second but then he said something that made my day. He said:

“I am never going to eat a cupcake any other way for the rest of my life.”

Smart little guy.

I share this little chestnut because I want you to do one thing when you are training your dog to come when called for the rest of your life. This little secret is more important than learning how to properly distribute the frosting when eating a cupcake.

Okay, here it is:

Whenever you call your dog over to you I always, always, always want you to reach down, take your dog’s collar in your hand and THEN give your dog a treat for coming when called.

I know, this seems as insignificant as my story above but hang with me here for a second Sparky. Most dogs will come to the owner but they will only get close and then play keep away. Your dog needs to learn that they only get the reward once the command is completed AND the recall is never done until you have your dog. A lot of dogs also make negative associations with their collars so you need to reinforce this over and over.

Before taking off, one more thing.

The Ultimate Online Recall Course is loaded with even more little-known secrets designed to help you get your dog to come when called in less time than you think. You get the complete online course when you register for any of our classes.

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