Women Can’t Do Pull Ups

Busy weekend for your friend The Amazing Dog Training Man.

Even though I split wood, walked the dog, played with Scarlett and helped around the house, come 1:00PM on Sunday it all stopped and I parked my butt on the couch to watch Patriots football.

Actually, I parked it around 12:30 and since I had a few minutes I hopped on my laptop and came across this article from The New York Times: “Why Women Can’t Do Pull Ups”

According to a University of Daytona study, exercise physiologists worked with 17 women and coached them over three months to do one pull up. After the three months not one of them could do a pull up. What did the “experts” conclude:

Women Can’t Do Pull Ups.

Have you ever heard of anything so stupid?

My wife, a former gymnast and national champion used to hammer out pull ups and had incredible upper body strength.

The lesson from this little chestnut is this: Experts can be wrong – often!

In the dog training world, dog lovers have been told for years to NEVER play tug o war, never let the dog on the bed, never feed “people food,” don’t start training until six months old, never let your dog walk out the door in front of you and the list goes on and on.

Everything just listed is BUNK!

Tug games are great, your dog can sleep on the bed if you’d like, people food can be much more healthy for your dog, training should start at eight weeks old, don’t even get me started about the whole door discussion.

I think the best advice is to question everything and everyone – including me.

But I do have a 97.3 accuracy rating on the subject of dog training :)

Anyway, the best place to train your dog is at one of our classes.

If you want in, here is where to go NEXT:

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