Confessions Of A Massachusetts Dog Trainer

Saw an article on Facebook yesterday.

Said that Massachusetts is the smartest state in the Union.

According to percent of population with bachelor’s degrees, median household income and SAT scores, we come out on top.

Well I ain’t got a degree and have never taken the SAT.

So I guess I don’t fit the typical Massachusetts profile. As many of you know, I barely made it out of high school and have a chronic case of ADHD and when I was in school I was labeled with a learning disability.

It reminds me of dog training. I have talked to many owners that have think they have a dumb dog because of the breed.

They think that their dog can’t learn for one reason or another. The principles of behavior work almost like the laws of the physics.

The Law of Gravity works every time. If a person standing on his roof jumps or trips, it will work the same way every time.

I never learned writing or English in high school. I have no idea what an adverb, pronoun or adjective is – BUT, I wrote three books, have over 500 blog posts, hundreds of articles and reports. I’m sure this would have some of my teachers in trauma.

Anyway, back to my point. A dog will learn because the principles of behavior are rooted in survival.

Survival is all about consequences.

We quickly learn much about our world through the consequences we experience.

All you need to do is use positive consequences linked to survival (food) and use them to train your dog.

You can teach any dog to come when called, walk on leash, sit, stay, lie down and more when you understand the principles of behavior.

Ready to get started?

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