Dog Training Or Binge Watching On Netflix

Sunday I did something I haven’t done in years.

Rach and the kids were going to Western MA to visit her folks and I had a whole Sunday to myself.

That happens about once a year when you have two kids under three years old. And if you’re thinking that I was sitting on the recliner all day with a block of cheddar in one hand, a frosty mug of Budweiser in the other binge watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix you’d be wrong.

You see, I brought a dog home to train. I do this on very rare occasions but the owner of the dog happens to be a long time customer.

This dog, a Goldendoodle has a big issue with anyone being around her food bowl. She has bitten three people and tried to make me the fourth.

Luckily as a highly trained dog training professional I know how to handle this type of behavior.

And within the first two minutes I narrowly, and I mean narrowly avoided getting my hand ripped open.

So much for my highly trained brain and skillz!

Here’s the deal….you need to follow three steps when you train your dog. You have to:

1. Establish leadership.
2. Effectively communicate to your dog.
3. Focus.

I jumped the gun and went to communicating with this dog before I had really established any leadership. Even I sometimes (GASP) make mistakes.

It happens.

Anyway, I quickly corrected my course of action and got to work. By 6:00PM last night I was able to pet her back end and there were NO signs of aggression. I have recorded the training for you to see and will share as soon as I am done with her training.

Which brings me to my point today. Taking control of your dog’s behavior can be accomplished by following the steps shared with you above.

At the end of March I am doing the first ever “Take Control Of Your Dog’s Behavior Seminar.”

I am going to show you how I quickly establish leadership and build rapport with any dog that I am working with. Everyone that attends will also learn my system for effectively communicating with your dog and naturally leads to your dog being focused on you.

Stay tuned for more details.

Until then.

All the best!


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