I lived with an insane person

I lived with an insane person.

Not full on committed to an asylum insane. Just crazy enough to make you run the first chance you got.

This person was fun to be around one day and absolutely bat blank crazy the next. One minute you would be joking around and the next minute this person was screaming at you because you didn’t close the refrigerator fast enough.

And to argue back was futile. You can’t argue with a crazy person.

You only have one choice with a person like this. The choice is to…


Run and get away from this person as fast as you can and put some distance between the two of you.

So why would I share this with my dog loving friends who come here for solid, hard hitting, easy to follow dog training and behavior advice?

Why would I subject you to the crazy people who have come into my life?

The reason is simple and this may be a little harsh, but I have to share this very important dog training lesson with you.

Here goes…

Your dog may think you are insane.

Hold on, before you send the hate mail, let me splain.

There are many important dog training lessons I can share with you but one of the most important, one of the top three is this:

When you train you MUST be CONSISTENT!

You may think I am making a big deal of this but I have a very unique view most people do not have. Every day I work with dog owners who want their dogs to stop jumping, pulling, begging etc.

Jumping is a common one. Just the other day I was hired to help with the problem. Using my expert skills and common sense approach, I helped a nice couple bring their dog’s jumping problem to a screeching halt.

When I went back for the next appointment the husband sat on a chair at the kitchen table. He called the dog over and invited the dog up. The Golden Retriever jumped up and the husband began petting the dog.

I asked him what he would do if someone came over and his dog jumped on them. He said he would use the negative consequence I showed him. BZZZZTTT!!! WRONG!!! “How can you do this after you just rewarded your dog for jumping on you?” I said.

You see why your dog may think you are crazy?

Are you being consistent? Do you allow your dog to pull one day and not the next? Do you let your dog jump once in awhile? Does everyone in the house follow the no food from the table rule?

If you reward your dog one day for a behavior or allow it to happen and then punish or yell at your dog the next day your dog will think you are nuts.

Anyway, this is an extremely important tip to train your dog. And I want to share more. I want to share some of my “greatest hits.” I want you to have a copy of my ebook The Ultimate Guide to Dogs.”

It is a collection articles I have written and I want to give it to you!

I am in the process of overhauling my website and I would like to hear from you. If I have helped you train your dog I would really appreciate your comments. Please go to the link below and fill out the form.

Once I receive your comments I’ll send you the ebook. And if you think this is just some cheesy give away, here is what I include in the ebook:

  • How To Avoid 7 Common Dog Training Mistakes. (Besides the long term problems your dog can develop if you do any of these mistakes, there are major consequences for you if make any of these mistakes).
  • Dog Doesn’t Come When Called? You Are NOT Alone. (The #1 reason why dogs don’t come when called and how to avoid it.)
  • How The Man With A Stolen Brain Reveals “Secret” To Dog Ownership. (True story of a famous French writer who revealed the “Secret” over 200 years ago.)
  • The One Thing YOU Need To Do If Your Dog Is Afraid Of Thunder Or Loud Noises. (And how your actions could make this behavior worse.)
  • Why You Should Ignore Dog Trainers (Including Me) – (This one tip can help you get the right type of dog training advice without making an expensive mistake.)
  • The Power Of Positive Dog Training. (And the results you’ll get from training your dog using positive methods.)
  • The Walking Dead Dog Training Guide. (4 real world tips inspired by the show, The Walking Dead, which will make you a better dog trainer.)
  • The King Of Dog Training. (NOT a person but an important principle which sums up dog training in just one word.)
  • How To Use Jedi Mind Tricks On Your Dog. (How to get complete off-leash control over your dog.)
  • The Strangest Dog Training Secret. (How to use a simple 5-step plan to teach your dog obedience.)
  • Dog Training “Secret” From The Son Of A Russian Priest. (Does your dog “blow a gasket” every time the doorbell rings? The secret will END this problem forever without force or negative methods.)
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  • Do You Know Why Your Dog Doesn’t Listen To You? (3 ways to overcome “distracted dog syndrome”.)
  • 41 Ways To Exercise Your Dog. (Without ever leaving your house.)
  • What You Should Never Do If Your Dog Gets Loose. (How to teach ANY dog to come when called – even beagles!)
  • How To Stop Begging. (A simple 2-step method you can use immediately to stop this annoying behavior.)
  • The Power Of Teaching Your Dog Attention. (And how to use attention to get maximum dog training results.)
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  • This Simple “Formula” Will Train Any Dog. (Discover how the letters A-I-D-A can help you train any dog.)
  • And much, much, more…

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