Is Your Relationship In Trouble Because Of Your Dog? I Can Help

Saw an article about a new couple that were getting serious with each other.

The woman in the relationship was adopting a dog. They were both excited as they drove the new dog home. Things started going south as they began discussing training.


They had very different opinions about dog training. This led to tensions between the two of them. She believed that leadership had to be established, that clear boundaries had to be taught and was not opposed to using the word “NO” when the dog did unacceptable behaviors.

The guy was more of the free spirit type. He did not believe in using crates or imposing his will over the dog.

What should the happy couple do?

You know what they should do. If they were to ask you for advice, I know exactly what you would say.

Your answer would be:

“You need to contact the greatest dog trainer to ever walk the earth. The one guy that clears up all of the confusion. The one guy that can show you how to understand and train your dog. The one guy that will turn your relationship around and everything will be sunshine and rainbows again.”

You would say:

“You need to contact The Amazing Dog Training Man.”

And they would be forever grateful because my advice would lead them down the correct path to a trained dog.

You see, the first step when you are training a dog is to understand the world as it really is. If you do not establish leadership, if you do not train your dog, if you never stop behaviors (jumping, running away, chewing) from happening, there is a good chance your dog will get injured or killed.

If you think about your first role as a dog owner, it is to keep the dog safe. Your dog has to learn to stay with you, to NOT eat socks, to stop chasing cars, etc.

The next step is to do behaviors for you. Walk on leash, come back when called, stay etc.

It always boils down to teaching your dog “YES” and “NO.”

Dog training is all about consequences. If your dog does something you like, you say “YES” and apply a positive consequence.

If your dog does something you don’t like, you say “NO” and apply a negative consequence.

There are only two types of behaviors your dog will ever do.

Behaviors you like and behaviors you don’t like.


Behaviors we like: Sit, loose leash walking, stay, down, coming when called, go to place, etc.

Behaviors we don’t like: Jumping, pulling, running away, chewing, excessive barking, digging, etc.

For any behavior listed under the “LIKE” section, the dog is told “Yes” and a positive consequence is used.

For any behavior under the “DON’T LIKE” section, the dog is told “NO” and an unpleasant consequence is applied.

I know that this seems very simple but chances are you’ve never heard it before. The reason is that there is a whole lot of B.S. on the subject of dog training.

Political correctness has not escaped the dog training world.

None of which I am concerned with. I am only concerned about helping you train your dog. Because a trained dog has a much better chance of living a long happy life with a family.

Dogs that jump, pull on leash, pee in the house and chew up the couch often end up in the same place.

A cold, metal table with someone pushing a lethal dose of phenobarbital into the dog’s vein.

So here is my advice to you. Make a list of “YES” and “NO” behaviors. Make sure everyone in the house is on board with the list.

Start teaching your dog what is acceptable and unacceptable using the words “YES” and “NO.”

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