The One Word That Will Transform Your Dog’s Behavior

So I was standing out in front of Wal Mart the other day.

I was ringing the bell for The Salvation Army with my friend Brain.

As we were chatting Brian said that my daily emails have not been daily lately.

I explained that with two kids, (one an infant) another daughter that recently got married, running my online and offline business and trying to have somewhat of a social life it has been tough to keep up with writing.

Brian was ruthless. He said: “I remember reading one of your emails that said you get up everyday and the first thing you do is sit down and write.”

I tried making some more excuses and but I realized…..

…..he was right.

I was just making excuses.

So here I am.

Back in the saddle with a renewed commitment to provide you with hard hitting, highly educational AND entertaining emails to help you with your dog.

So let’s get started with the one word that will transform your dog’s behavior.

That’s a pretty hefty statement and I already know your thoughts:

“Here he goes again. Making big, bold statements to keep me reading. There is no way one word can transform my dog’s behavior. This guy is such a putz, I don’t even know why I keep reading these stupid emails but for some reason I can’t help myself….okay Mr. Amazing Man what’s the one word?”

Before I reveal this word let’s look at what happens with most dogs.

The doorbell rings and what happens to your dog?

You walk down the street and see another dog, you dog’s response is?

You tell your dog to stay and a cat walks by. What would your dog do?

Your dog grabs your underwear out of the laundry basket in front of the entire family. What happens?

I know the answer. You can answer each question individually. Or you can answer them all the same way.

Your dog gets excited.

Your dog completely tunes you out. You have zero control over your dog’s behavior.

Here’s an important point to remember:

Your dog’s behavior is always on a pendulum. On one side you have relaxed, controlled behavior. Or it swings and your dog goes into crazy, chaotic, out of control behavior.

To get information into your dog’s melon you always have to make sure your dog is……


True story.

I am currently working with a dog in Newport RI. This dog has been through countless training programs and protocols. Three different trainers have worked with this dog and he is literally hours away from going back to the shelter.

This dog is NOT aggressive at all, but this dog’s behavior is off the hook!

Walks, impossible.

Knock on the dog, total chaos.

Sees another dog, forget it.

My job was to bring this dog’s behavior from crazy, out of control, completely blows a gasket to calm. Once I had the dog calm I was able to start training this dog. I was able to help get information into his brain.

In the first session we able to walk strange dogs past him without having to call in the National Guard.

And FYI, no choke, prong or electronic collars were used on this dog.

If you’d like to teach your dog to calm down so you can get more control head over to The Dog Training Inner Circle and get started for just $1.00!

Dog Training Inner Circle



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