Looking For Trouble

I got an angry email the other day.

The writer stated:

“Stop sending me emails. I never want to get another email from you again. You promote and breed purebred dogs when there are millions of unwanted dogs. You are disgusting.”

When I stopped laughing I wrote her back. This is what I wrote:

“I have NEVER bred any dogs in my ENTIRE career working with dogs. I do not talk about, promote or even talk about breeding in ANY of my emails. Go back to my blog and go through each entry and I defy you to find anything about breeding. It’s not what I do. I focus 100% on training.”

Funny how I get in trouble even when I am not looking for it. Speaking of trouble if she read today’s email she would probably fall off her chair because I’d like to congratulate the winner of Westminster. Only the second beagle to win, Miss P whose full name is “Ch Tashtins Looking for Trouble,”

Since we are on the topic of breeding let me share my humble but accurate opinion.

There are many that do not like breeding and think it should be banned. If every breeder in the country was shut down it would NOT stop the pet overpopulation problem we have.

Shutting down all the breeders would NOT stop the millions of dogs that are euthanized every year in this country.

Breeders are not the problem. PEOPLE are the problem. When you decide to bring a pet into your home it is your responsibility to make sure the dog receives food, water, exercise, shelter (preferably in your house), medical care, proper management and most importantly….Training.

Follow the above steps and it will go a long way to solve many of the problems we have.

Unfortunately many of the steps are not followed. Many dogs do not get good food, proper exercise and medical care. And only 2 out of 10 dogs get any type of training. Once the dog becomes a nuisance it is brought to a shelter, rehomed, dumped on some woody road or put to sleep.

Not the breeders fault.

And I am NOT or never have bred dogs. NEVER!

Anyway, I try to do my part with the training. I have over 300 videos on YouTube, loads of free articles and an incredibly low price to join The Dog Training Inner Circle.

Just $1.00!

Here’s where to go if you want in:

Dog Training Inner Circle



2 thoughts on “Looking For Trouble

  1. I’ve never seen you promote a breed . What the heck are they talking about ????

    You do deal with breed specific traits and behaviors from a training prospective, but you deal with both the pros and the cons.

    Sheesh, some people need to stop reading between the lines…. because there is NOTHING there to see!

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