Meet The Greatest Trainer In The World

Funny thing happens when you bring a dog home.

The dog starts to do things that you would never allow anyone to do. Even your kids.

Your dog starts to sleep on the bed with you. You start sharing your dinner with them.

You start to push everything on your counters to the back so nothing is accessible to the dog.

You engage in chase games at the worst times. You just want to relax after a long day but find yourself chasing the dog around the house because the dog has the TV remote.

There is one simple statement you have to understand:

“Either you train the dog, or the dog trains you!”

And dogs are expert trainers. They know how to get exactly what they want. They really are the greatest trainers in the world.

And you either let them train you or you start to train them.

I was recently working with a therapist and he said: “I don’t get it. I know and understand behavior. I’ve studied Pavlov and Skinner but this damn dog gets the best of me everytime.”

You know by now that I like to keep things simple. If you want your dog to listen to you, if you want to train your dog before they train you, you need to teach your dog two words:

“Yes” and “No.”

Seems simple but then most solutions to problems are. Not always easy but simple.

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