Video Shows How To STOP Jumping In 3 Minutes Or Less

As you read this we are hunkered down here in the Northeast.

Supposed to be one of the top ten worst storms of all time. I think that is a lot of hype but we’ll see.

I made a big batch of pemmican and have gallons of water. We should be good. No milk and bread here.

Anyway, you don’t tune in for weather updates. You come here for hard hitting, educational, highly entertaining dog training info and today you are in luck because of a video I am going to share with you.

Yesterday’s email discussed a video I did on YouTube for jumping. This is a popular video and has 500,000+ views which most people would consider respectable. Yesterday I got more than a few emails requesting the video.

Here is one:

Hello Eric

An excellent mail again. One tip, if you allow. Well here it is anyway 🙂

If there would have been a link to the YouTube video you mentioned,

your message would be surely even better understood.

Take care and all the best.

Brother Vesa

Brother Vesa is correct! I spend so much time hawking The Dog Training Inner Circle and my other products I forget to include links to some of my most popular videos.

You can’t blame me though. I do have two daughters and another baby on the way. Guy has to make a living after all.

Anyway, here is the video that will help you STOP jumping in about three minutes. I’m not kidding. I know this is a behavior problem you’ve probably been dealing with for months, maybe years and three minutes seems like a stretch.

You’ve probably been told to ignore the behavior by the “all positive, force free” crowd. That crowd loves to tell me this technique harms the dog, that the dog will be afraid of visitors, that you should redirect, ignore and wait.

They even say I am (GASP) mean – me, Mr. Creampuff, I’m a harmless, lovable fuzzball that cries at ASPCA commercials.

Oh well, let’s all thank Brother Vesa for suggesting sharing the video and get to it already.

Here ya go:

Please leave your comments on the YouTube page and you can subscribe to my channel if you’d like.



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