Extremely Dangerous Dog Training Advice

Much of the dog training advice today can get your dog killed. That’s a bold statement for a Monday morning. But 100% true and you know that I always give it to you straight. AND I always prove my point. Jumping is a huge problem for about 80% of the people that have a dog. The advice from the PO’d crowd is that you should always ignore the behavior or give the dog something else to do like sit. The correct course of action is to apply a negative consequence to stop the behavior. Once the dog successfully stops jumping,… Read the rest

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I Was Drunk And Forgot Which Waffle House I Parked My Car At

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard a story about excuses for being late to work. The best one was, “I was drunk and forgot which Waffle House I parked my car at.” That is awesome. I can’t imagine walking into my bosses office and saying, “Sorry boss, I went out last night and got blasted. In fact I was so drunk I went to get some chicken and waffles. Damnest thing happened, I can’t find my car.” This has to be a joke. I can’t imagine anyone using that as an excuse. You know what else I… Read the rest

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Video Shows How To STOP Jumping In 3 Minutes Or Less

As you read this we are hunkered down here in the Northeast. Supposed to be one of the top ten worst storms of all time. I think that is a lot of hype but we’ll see. I made a big batch of pemmican and have gallons of water. We should be good. No milk and bread here. Anyway, you don’t tune in for weather updates. You come here for hard hitting, educational, highly entertaining dog training info and today you are in luck because of a video I am going to share with you. Yesterday’s email discussed a video I… Read the rest

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Just Say NO!

Pet photos with Santa was a lot of fun yesterday. We raised some cash for a great shelter, had some fun and I met some great dogs and people. One dog, a beautiful Black Lab, came and made his appearance known to everyone as he walked in. He barked and then charged in like Julian Edelman making a 69 yard touchdown pass. After his picture was taken I sat down with his owners. The women that owned him had done a great job training him. She had clicker trained him and he was excellent with his obedience but she thought… Read the rest

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Why Mother In Laws Get Mad At Me

It’s funny how any dog in my universe is supposed to be 100% completely trained. My sister used to always have Thanksgiving dinner at her house and she would invite her husband’s parents over. My sister had two dogs at the time and they would bark and jump on people as they came in the house. My sister’s mother in law would always look at me and raise her eyebrows. She would sometimes say, “Can’t you do anything about this?” I would always politely nod my head and reply. “Yes, of course I can. I can stop jumping in three… Read the rest

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Your Dog Is An Empty Boat

The Taoists have a famous teaching about an empty boat. You are in the middle of a river when an empty boat rams your boat. Chances are you would not get angry at the empty boat but…. …..if someone was in the boat it would be a whole different story. You might become enraged at the person in the boat holding onto the rudder. The point of the story is that the person that cuts you off in traffic, the kids that bullied you as a child, the negative and hurtful comments someone has made about you are all empty,… Read the rest

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The God Of Frolic

“The dog was created especially for children. He is the god of frolic.” – Henry Ward Beecher Being the god of frolic can get you into trouble. A lot of trouble. I know because I see it every day. A large part of my business is going to a new puppy owner’s home to work with them. Many of the dogs I work with are under six months old and frolic is in full swing. The problem is that the humans don’t fully appreciate all the energy and quickly get frustrated when the puppy is constantly chomping on their hands,… Read the rest

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The #1 Most Confusing Dog Training Question – Answered

Got a question yesterday. “Eric, everyone talks about positive reinforcement. Reward the dog for doing obedience, catch your dog doing something right. Focus on what your dog does good and try to not focus on the bad behavior. That is all good but what do I do if my dog jumps or steals food off the counter?” Great question and this often confuses people. Your training is NOT just about all about rewards. There are positive AND negative consequences. You use a positive consequence when you want your dog to do something you want – sit, down, stay, come, etc.… Read the rest

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