Don’t Deprive Yourself Of This

Fall River MABack in the summer of 1995 I opened my dog training business in Fall River MA.

My folks and family were HUGE in helping me get it started. But once the doors opened it was up to me to get enough customers through the doors to keep them opened.

People make business very complicated but there is one overriding problem that you need to solve. You have to have enough people interested in what you provide (product or service) to make a profit.

Having no money, no business experience, no contacts and (believe it or not) being (and still am to a certain extent) a very shy person, this was no easy task.

But every week I would force myself to walk through the doors of a dog groomer, veterinarian, boarding kennel, animal shelter or pet store.

Even though I had big butterflies in my belly I forced myself to walk through the door and introduce myself.

And the force that propelled me through the door was….


I was motivated to have food with my meals. I was motivated to make my car payments. I was motivated to provide for my daughter. I was motivated to pay my rent.

A question I get asked often is:

“What do I do when my dog doesn’t listen to me?”

If your dog does not listen to your command, the dog is not properly motivated. Motivation has to do with consequences.

It can be difficult training pet dogs sometimes because they can be hard to motivate. Think of the different ways to motivate a dog.

Food, toys and praise are the ways we motivate. If a dog has constant access to food, toys and the owner’s attention, the dog will be difficult to motivate.

So if you are having a difficult time training your dog you have to think about….


Not big deprivation, just enough to get better results with your dog. Instead of leaving the food out all day, feed twice a day.

Take some or all of the toys away and teach your dog that playing is done with you. Start having your dog work for your attention.

This does NOT have to be for the rest of the dog’s life, just when you are having a tough time getting your dog to listen to you.

And don’t deprive yourself of getting some solid, hard hitting, entertaining and informational dog training help.

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