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Teach Your Dog These 3 Behaviors And You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere

I am not welcome at two local shelters in the area. Can you believe this? Me. Sensitive, calm, friendly, luvable little fluffball is how I would describe myself. So why would anyone toss your friend and hero out of a shelter? Did I show up drunk? Did I take a swing at a board member? You’re thinking I must have caused some type of mischief or ruckus. Nothing of the sort. I was tossed out for one reason and one reason only. I was asked to leave because I wanted to save dogs. You may think I am exaggerating,  that… Read the rest

The Ultimate Guide To Dogs

Last week I sent an email for your comments. I promised everyone that filled out the survey I would send my ebook “The Ultimate Guide To Dogs.” The response was a little overwhelming. I received way more responses than I expected. I sat down with my chief of staff and decided to make an executive decision. Since this is the month of Thanksgiving as an expression of gratitude I have decided to send everyone on the list the ebook. Thanks for all the kind comments. Thank you for the referrals. Thank you for your patronage. Thank you and I hope… Read the rest

World Famous Dog Trainer Offering Class In Acushnet

I was checking out my YouTube channel the other day. I looked at how many video views and subscribers I had. My wonderful and supportive wife was close by. “Hey Rach, I have over 12 million views and 22,049 subscribers to my YouTube channel.” I said.   She looked unimpressed. So I added: “I’m kind of a big deal.” I detected a slight eye roll and she asked if I had taken out the garbage yet. Can you imagine living with a celebrity (okay, a minor one, but still) and asking him to take out the garbage? I bet Brad Pitt… Read the rest

I lived with an insane person

I lived with an insane person. Not full on committed to an asylum insane. Just crazy enough to make you run the first chance you got. This person was fun to be around one day and absolutely bat blank crazy the next. One minute you would be joking around and the next minute this person was screaming at you because you didn’t close the refrigerator fast enough. And to argue back was futile. You can’t argue with a crazy person. You only have one choice with a person like this. The choice is to… …run! Run and get away from… Read the rest

Does Your Dog Ignore You? Do This To Get Attention

My daughter Scarlett is 3 going on 13. I’ll say her name, I’ll call her, I raise my voice and she ignores me. She chooses when to listen to me. It is funny and frustrating at the same time. She has learned if she does not make eye contact she does not have to listen to me. Smart kid. This is a good lesson to remember with dog training. If your dog ignores your command, there is a good chance your dog is not paying attention to you. Dog owners give their dogs commands when they are focused on something… Read the rest

How to get your dog under control in any situation

Russians can be very straightforward with advice. A few years back I had the chance to listen to a Russian ex-special forces instructor. His name was Pavel Tastloine. Very interesting guy. During his talk he used a term called forced relaxation. It was how he taught Russian Special Forces Spetsnaz stretching techniques. He would have them tense their muscles and then relax. I started using this term force relaxation and teach a different version for dogs. Forced relaxation will get your dog to calm down in any situation. Most people dread bringing their dogs anywhere like a vets office or… Read the rest

I Was Attacked Yesterday

Aggression is a constant companion when you work with dogs like I do. Every week I get a new client with aggression problems. Doing this as long as I have, I’ve developed cat like reflexes and for the most part, avoid getting bit. And then yesterday I got attacked. It was a beautiful day and I had a few hours in between clients so being the good dad, I packed up the kids and brought them to the beach. We got to the beach and I waded into the water with little Scarlett. In three feet of water I stepped… Read the rest

This Common Mistake Could Kill Your Dog

Hartford CT in the early 90’s was not Miami Beach. People didn’t exactly flood there for vacation, sightseeing, top notch restaurants or much else. The north end was not a place that you would take a casual evening stroll with a loved one holding hands taking in the ambiance of the city. Unless you were into shootings, drug deals and possible stabbings. This is where I was working at the time. I was doing K9 Security and occasionally had run ins with the locals. A friend of mine who provided guard dogs for businesses in the area (junkyards, car dealerships,… Read the rest

I Hate You Mr. Amazing Dog Training Man

Sooooo… …every once in awhile I get a complaint. YES! You read that correct. Your friend, your hero, your pal The Amazing Dog Training Man gets a (GASP)… complaint. I actually got a complaint about one of the dog training videos that I have posted on YouTube. With almost 300 videos and 12 million views you are bound to get some complaints. You can check out my YouTube channel here: Amazing Dog Training Man’s YouTube Channel Anyway, the person did not agree with me and was very upset. She actually wrote: “I hate you Mr. Amazing Dog Training Man!” Can… Read the rest

Most Powerful Man In The World Attacked By….Rabbits

In 1807 the most powerful man in the world was Napoleon. And in after signing a treaty with Russia ending a war between the two countries Napoleon thought a rabbit hunt would be a great way to celebrate. Little did he know that they would attack him and he would have to retreat from the hunting fields. Here is what happened. About 3000 rabbits were rounded up and dumped into the fields that Napoleon and his top brass were going to hunt. The rabbits were released from their cages and the hunt was on. But here is the strange part,… Read the rest
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